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Management system development project

We start the project under the name as Quality of Management. Further blogs/posts are projected to be about development of ISO standards (and related) based management system for small and middle size business companies. We would like to find those who wish to improve their business through company’s management system optimisation in Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine and other areas where we can discuss the topic in English and Russian languages. We are sure that the  ISO standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 have to be treated not only as “a pack of must to do rules” or “specification” but like a business models which bring opportunity to make  day-to- day operation , as well as process and activity control easier for top and middle managers.

The standards such as SA8000, BS25999  &  other can be integrated into the system based on  above ones in order to develop the    quality of management by using of standardized tools .

Hope and sure that can be interesting to the industry professionals.

The posts authors are free to interpret the standards and their clauses, and those interpretations do not relate to any official organisation opinions and/or rules.

Project management team.

  1. Vladimir Greengauz
    24/11/2009 в 04:12

    Congratulations, my dear!
    Good stuff. Hope it’ll bring more opportunities to your business and you finally make it to USA.
    Talk to you later
    Yours, etc.,

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